Positive dog training

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What is Dogo? Dogo is a dog training app based on positive clicker training.

Your dog is an active animal and needs plenty of exercise, not only physical but also mental stimulation. What makes dogs man's best friends? It is their ability to understand us and communicate with us. Unlock this intelligence and improve your communication with DOGO.

The App offers daily trainings, that monitor your progress on each trick and personalise the training according to your feedback. Before each exercise you will be provided with descriptions and illustrations how to perform the trick. Use the Clicker built in the App to communicate with your dog.

Try Dogo, your dog will definitely enjoy it!

Features Dogo is designed for maximum results

  1. Clicker You can use built-in Clicker to reinforce your companion when he does a good job.
  2. Daily trainings Only constant practising will ensure you will reach results fast. The trainings are continuously adjusted according to your feedback.
  3. Easy instructions Every exercise is divided into smaller steps and includes descriptions and super cute illustrations!
  4. New content We are constantly working to introduce new tricks for your dog to practice as your dog has no limits what he&she can learn!


  • Zorra Zorra and I have been using this app for almost two months. Learning new tricks and how to teach them to her. Also passing lots of exams with a real canine educator reviewing the videos. Enjoying it a lot. Thanks 🙏
  • Udra says Yes! It is like Duolingo but with your dog! My dog definitely loves and enjoys these trainings!
  • Buster I love this app, it has helped a lot with my dog. He was hard to get to train at first but with there daily training and activities he became easy to work with. I also loved how the train lees give you helpful tips and responded fast and where happy to see my dog’s progress! Loves this app and would recommend it for training!
  • Špilka After newborn has arrived, this app sends constant reminders to take care of our dog and give some exercises, so we do not forget to pay attention to our dog as well 🙂
  • Marcus I wanted to thank the support. I asked for some help, sent a video with my dog trying to perform a new trick, however unsuccessfully. In a short time we received a list of tips and improvements we can do. Now Balou knows how to roll over 🙂 Thanks!
  • Beatrice This App helped me to be a bit more creative and gave ideas what else could I teach my dog 🙂
  • Bella Thank y'all so much I have a 1 month year old German Shepherd, the very first time I told her to sit, immediately sat and waited a few seconds before I gave her the treat. I am so happy that she is getting trained and so far she at least is on her way on obeying the sit command. Thank you Dogo! Thank you so much💕 I also love that this is ƦẸẠŁ advice from ƦẸẠŁ to people for all ages! If you see this let me tell you a word of advice--GO FOR IT!

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